viernes, julio 13, 2007

Fairy tale

The silver frog says in a practical way
“You know what’ll happen if you turn gay”
“Yes”, answered the beautiful queen,
“I know, and I don’t mind a little bit”

“Well”, the frog stood staring his boots,
“You might as well know that it’s the root
of your future unhappiness. Believe it”
And so he said, knowing there’s no answer fit

to the mind of the poor happy queen
for she is happy now as she could ever be
“Now, precious pretty little queenie,
you might kiss my king size weenie”

The queen leaned to kiss his Johnny
but as she got closer, came to her a longing;
she remembered a face she’d loved to see later
and a deep unhappiness came to rape her

Now the time was too late
was it destiny, was it fate
the frog turned into a hunk
Would you believe his name was Hank?

He smoked like a toad
and was pretty as a moan
but soon she would discover
his feet were a little turned over,

black spots covered his nose
and he snorted like a horse;
the warnings had taken their place
as well as the undertaker take the late

“Oh! Unhappiness!”, cried the queen
“Forgive me, I didn’t meant to be mean”,
said the affected poor Hank old frog
as the queen wept like a big fat hog

“But you should’ve heard when the time it was,
not a good idea to wait ‘til everything is lost,
‘cause now, you know, I want to fuck yours
‘til the very last of the church bells tongs”

“What can I do, what can I do?
at least be gentle and fuck me good”
the queen replied panting and tired,
“Well, that to a woman I can’t deny”

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