jueves, enero 31, 2008

O nymphs!

por. Facundo Ezequiel

To the anonymous nymphlets
that guided me halfway
from center Ramos Mejía to my house

O nymphs!
My eyes!
If I had them not
Yer scent
Would stab
My brains.
O nymphs!
My eyes!
Yer sight
My limbs,
Yer hair
My life to
I run
And fast
You bend
And tend
To laugh;
My life,
Thy game.
O nymphlets!
O childhood
Of infinite futures,
O sprinkles holy
Of crashing waves
Yer hands fare me well
Yet destiny says
That is not my case.
O nymphs!
If I was to be
The one man
You lose your clothes to,
What manhood could remain
When this unrestrainable desire
Turns me insane?
O nymphs!
Thy skin
I'm keen
To meet.
O nymphs!
I swear It's not
But salvation
With clothes on.

1 comentario:

Lila Negra dijo...

Jajajajaja... está bueno XD.

(se me fue la elocuencia...)

(...si es que alguna vez la tuve, por cierto)